cop it quick cuz #shadowsbegettinstabbedouthere

It’s like turntwave meets oakland hipster for crying out loud.

1). Yes, I’m aware that my design sort of defeats the whole purpose of PAOM. But, hey, at least it utilizes a large printing area, which is exactly what I wanted.

2). Eventually I want to do these myself, but until then, I’ll take my 20% please.

3). I would cop it, and so should you.

I actually made this a long time ago in glitchr but never got around to uploading it.

Dabbling in Glitchcraft turned 1 today!

Mankind has words for things which may not exist and may never be, and no words for things which do, and have yet to be.
Truly, we do live beyond The Looking Glass.
Happy Birthday, Charles. 

Based on Elena Kalis' underwater photography series, Alice in WaterLand, this is one of the few pieces I’ve done that I have more of a personal connection to. Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, has always been one of my primary inspirations, whether it be my personal philosophy, art, or writing. And today, January 27th, is his birthday. I always loved how Elana captured the playful tone that I envisioned during my initial readings of the books, and asked her if she’d allow me to use some of her images to muck about with to celebrate this day. Yes, I did say images, because although this is only one image, I intend to release more of them throughout the week, all based on the same series. And being that I just moved out of Monterey CA, I find the underwater bit even more suiting. 
Through the Glass via Elena Kalis

Internet Immortality. 
R.I.P. little buddy.






Original photo by Natalie Kucken.